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3. How old is your child?

4. Male or Female?

5. What grade is your child in?

6. Has your child as an infant, been colicky/difficult to calm down and sleep?


7. Is your child often inattentive, easily distracted, and not able to sustain attention?


8. Is your child  often not able to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork?


9. Does your child often seem not to listen when spoken to directly?


10. Does your child often not follow through instructions and fail to finish schoolwork?


11. Does your child often have trouble organizing activities?


12. Does your child often avoid, dislike, or don’t want to do things that take a lot of mental effort for a long period of time (such as schoolwork or homework)?


13. Does your child often lose things needed for tasks and activities (e.g. toys, school assignments, pencils, books, or tools)?


14. Is your child often forgetful in daily activities?


15. Is your child hyperactive, restless, could not sit still, fidget a lot, running around and climbing things?



16. Is your child having often trouble playing or doing leisure activities quietly?


17. Does your child often talk excessively?


18. Does your child often blurt out answers before questions have been finished?


19. Does your child often interrupt or intrude on others (e.g., butts into conversations or games)?



20. Is your child impatient, easily getting bored, cannot wait for things?


21. Is your child impulsive (acting on impulses and not considering the consequences of actions)?


22. Is your child behaviourally disinhibited, meaning acting out of control, destroying things and annoying others?


23. Is your child taking risks and behaving carelessly?


24. Has your child  done any illegal or immoral behaviours such as lying, stealing, using any illicit substances?


25. Is your child novelty seeker (getting bored easily with old things and looking for new things or changing things?


26. Is your child reward seeker (seeking reward when doing things/tasks, or driven by rewards?


27. Does your child have selective attention (paying attention to tasks interests him/her and filter out what not interesting)?


28. Does your child have alternating/switching attention(easily and quickly moving attention from one task to another)?


29. Does your child have divided attention (divide attention to more than one task at a time)?


30. Could your child do multi-tasking, in tasks that you’re interested in? (For example do homework, watch TV and being aware of the environment or overhearing others).



31. Is your child better in fast-paced than slow-paced tasks and activities?


32. Please write down any talent (s) or any task that you are considered to be very good at.

33. Is your child considered or you think to be smart or gifted?


34. Please write down any other psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, Autism, learning disability,etc. if your child has.

35. Please write down any medical conditions or diseases if your child has.

36. Does your child go to bed and sleep late?


37. Around what time on average in the week nights, your child goes to bed?

38. Does your child when in bed, have difficulty falling asleep?


39. On average how long will it take your child to fall asleep?

40. Around what time on average in the week nights, your child goes to bed?


41. On average in week nights, how many hours you sleep?

42. On average how long it takes your child to get off bed after waking up?

43. Does your child have a deep sleep, not waking up in the middle of the night easily?


44. Does your child sleep talk?


45. Does your child grind teeth in sleep?


46. Has your child ever sleep walked?


47. Does your child dream a lot in sleep? (If you don’t know ask him/her)


48. Does your child have frequent nightmares? (If you don’t know ask him/her)


49. Has your child had frequent night-terrors (waking up in the middle of night in terror and frightened, but not recalling anything in the morning, unlike dreams or nightmares)?


50. Is your child a Low eater?


51. Is your child picky in eating?


52. Is your child or when younger slim?


53. Is your child or has been of shorter stature and height compared to peers?


54. Please write down any medications you are or have been taking and if it helps.

55. Please write down any side-effects from the medications you have or had when taking if any.

56. Is there anyone in your immediate family have been diagnosed with or suspected having ADHD?


ADHD Test Receipt